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Bridging the Gap from Strategy to Execution

Coaching and Mentoring

- one-on-one development working with Sherwood experts to strengthen leadership and to build confidence, capabilities and skills over three-to-six months.

Organizations define the strategy – where they want to go and even the action plans for how they want to get there.  However, it’s a strong leadership development process including coaching and mentoring that helps leaders become the best executives who drive those plans and motivate others to become better than they ever thought they could be.  

Sherwood’s rigorous selection process pinpoints just the right coaches with the necessary skills, expertise in the field and proven results to propose for each engagement.  What is critical is the ability for the coach to collaborate with a leader to develop a dynamic plan targeted to the most-pressing needs and then be able to measure results against that plan.

It’s becoming more and more common for mentors to be sought out by younger associates, especially those who’ve become frustrated by the pace of their career growth.  Partnering with more-seasoned workers, Generation Y associates (Millennials) are creating their own versions of mentoring relationships that best meet their needs. Sherwood uses our experience to create or strengthen existing mentoring programs. 

There is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to coaching and mentoring, and we work with both internal and external assessments.  Some engagements benefit from an in-depth 360-degree feedback interview process with written reports and feedback; we have a strong capability to develop 360-degree instruments that can be tailored to each firm.

Sherwood can leverage our coaching and mentoring services across the U.S. and globally, and we can draw on our network of talented and proven professionals.  Our services focus on leadership development as well as specialized needs such as presentation skills, business writing and team leadership assimilation.