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Bridging the Gap from Strategy to Execution

Custom Design and Development

Custom Designed Corporate TrainingClosing the skills gap with custom learning solutions is both an opportunity and a challenge now that there are so many ways to access learning. Learning solutions include self-paced eLearning, webinars and instructor-led training, as well as delivery options that now include mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.  

The challenge for training professionals is to seek the best learning solutions for their audiences.  And that's where Sherwood comes in. 

We begin with an in-depth understanding of the business context and the relevance of the solution to the target audience.  Distilling the content is critical to ensure learning is focused on what the organization truly needs and what each role requires.  Then we determine how to develop the learning solution using just the right method of training given the culture, content and consistency across the business and budget.

What We Do

We either start with a "blank sheet" or tailor existing content from one of Sherwood's proprietary programs or a program developed by our client. Either way, we have decades of experience and a team approach that results in a dynamic design to appeal to diverse learning styles, and ensures we include multiple ways to track results.  

Our Approach

  • We assign a client services director as a single point of contact for the client who manages our team from start to finish.  Depending on the complexity of the project, the team may include instructional designers, production specialists, graphic designers and faculty.
  • We then conduct research to learn about the organization, the business reasons for the training, the skill gaps it is trying to address and what success will look like. (When required, we can conduct a needs assessment and-or focus groups.)
  • We create a detailed design document prior to course development with learning objectives, suggested methodologies and content outline for the client’s approval.
  • We develop all materials for the participants and the facilitators, and either conduct a train the trainer for the client or deliver the training with one or more of our own skilled facilitators. 
  • We measure the results of the training to ensure we’ve met the client’s goals.