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Bridging the Gap from Strategy to Execution


Using eLearning methodology as an alternative to ILT (instructor-led training) and webinars is an upfront decision that Sherwood makes with clients based on  factors including the diversity of learning levels along with the needs and number of trainees, the time frame for development and the budget. Integral parts of the eLearning design process are post-program reinforcement and measurement to ensure success.

Designing effective eLearning is an opportunity to use a variety of media to meet the needs of auditory and visual learning styles. The art of this methodology is to use narration, graphics and text as a well-tuned symphony in service of the learning, rather than simply to be entertaining.  

Sherwood has developed first-class, SCORM-compliant training that provides a fast way to orient new hires, a great way to launch a new product or to level-set operational standards. Accompanying our eLearning programs, Sherwood creates job aids that can be referenced on the desktop or downloaded, as well as coaching guides to support managers in following up with the learners as they apply concepts. 

Sherwood’s eLearning programs may include sophisticated simulations, games, graphics, videos, case examples, in addition to multiple and creative ways of reinforcing learning.  Dialogue needs to be fresh and interesting to keep the learner's interest throughout.  For "just-in-time" systems deployment, options include creating videos of systems processes to design and deploy the training.