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Bridging the Gap from Strategy to Execution

Why Sherwood?

What sets Sherwood Learning Solutions apart from other providers is our relentless focus on the business context for learning and the diversity of learning styles that we engage.  Without this focus, learning will not provide a true return on investment.

The Sherwood firm began more than two decades ago as a developer and facilitator of cost-effective classroom training, and we have continued to grow and to adapt our learning solutions to new technologies – from eLearning to computer-based simulations to webinars. We deliver custom training in addition to our own library of more than 40 proven programs.

Sherwood employs a team approach to work with every client. We have passion around what we do and we strive to make people more successful in their work and everyday lives.

Our clients range from large global corporations to regional boutique firms poised for growth. Sherwood partners with them to find the best solutions to meet their needs, and we celebrate confidence, competence and people’s successes. 

Sherwood’s learning and talent development services are scalable well beyond the East Coast.   We can deploy consultants to help develop internal staffs, and we can provide multiple consultants and facilitators to conduct our workshops across the United States and in Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia.