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Bridging the Gap from Strategy to Execution

Workshops, Webinars and eLearning

Sherwood provides instructor-led workshops, live webinars and interactive eLearning…and can create a blended approach to promote real behavior change and employee engagement, and ultimately impact the bottom line. 

To support clients who demand "just-in-time" learning solutions, our team has developed more than 40 core programs that align with leadership and professional competencies.  These core programs are built from a foundation of proven content and activities that are continually updated to ensure learning meets the needs of all generations in the workplace.

Clients benefit from high-impact learning experiences including highly engaging instructor-led sessions and short "learning bursts" followed with peer coaching and action learning assignments.  Some programs incorporate computer-based simulations and experiential activities; every program is tailored to reflect the current business context and ensure relevance to the associate’s role in the organization.

Learn more about what Sherwood provides in these specialized areas: