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Bridging the Gap from Strategy to Execution

Professional Development

Time is a precious commodity and yet it is critical to strengthen the knowledge and skills of professionals at all levels to meet the demands of the client and the changing marketplace.   By first partnering with the client to assess the organization’s needs and identify skills gaps, Sherwood ensures that the professional development solution selected will result in the expected outcomes. Bridging the skills and competencies of associates to the organization’s mission and strategy is key.  Among Sherwood’s most-popular topics and programs are:
  • Project Management - Given the fast-paced demands of today's organizations, the knowledge and tools covered in this workshop are essential to success in the workplace.  Sherwood’s Professional Project Management program has been successfully delivered in the U.S. and globally.  This program targets the project lifecycle phases and tools, and can be customized to include each client’s internal project management processes/tools.  This program also can incorporate a computer-based simulation, the breakthrough SimulTrain® experience. Click here to learn more about our Professional Project Management program.  

  • Presentation Skills - This timeless skill continues to rise to the top of the list of professional capabilities that can make or break a career.  Sherwood’s approach focuses on individually coached practice and includes vital concepts and tips for organizing and creating visuals for the presentation. During this highly interactive experiential workshop, each participant has multiple opportunities to practice and digitally record and review a business-related presentation.  (Designed to be delivered as a two-day instructor-led workshop, modules can be identified for shorter workshops, webinars or one-on-one Skype coaching.) Click here to learn more about our Powerful Presentations program.  

  • Communication Skills - These are critical whether for the younger generation who prefers to tweet and text, or senior leaders who prefer face-to-face meetings.  Using a variety of interpersonal skills instruments (DISC, LIFO, MBTI) and through basic e-mail and writing programs, Sherwood has professional programs and facilitators ready to adapt to each group of associates. Click here to learn more about our Communicating Effectively program.  

  • Teams Development - The matrixed global environment requires team leaders to lead both traditional and virtual teams. Leading virtual teams includes knowing how to establish team charters, set ground rules and norms, and pull together associates in five different time zones.  Leaders need specialized skills to better understand how to lead global teams taking into consideration culture and competencies. Click here to learn more about our Making Team Work program.